White Noise: Is your team listening to you?

No? Yes? Not sure? When I was considering this age-old dilemma for business owners, I remember the frustration. I tried all kinds of strategies when my requests and impleading seemed to be falling on forever deaf ears. I tried mapping out the problem and writing cheat sheets, getting others to talk to the staff to try to rally for change. I even incentivized my staff via KPIs to get their performance up. Patients weren’t being rebooked regularly and phone calls were not being converted to appointments by the admin team. Frustrating for any health business owner.

But something seems to have changed lately. After all of the years of frustration, there has been a shift in our practice. I am not saying that we are perfect and some of the strategies above might find their way back every now and again. Better recruiting has also helped. https://coachhealthblog.com/values-in-recruitment-the-interview-part-2/

If you have been following the theme of my blogs, you probably know what I am going to say next and you might still be “jury out”. That is okay. These ideas and changes have come slowly to me too. I did not know what an impact a change of focus and language would make to so many areas of my clinical practice and to our business.

When our language changed from booking more patients and making sure everyone had appointments to using our core values, it has been like a light bulb being switched on. Our clinicians talk about working together As a team with our patients. We are being part of the solution and staying true to their recovery and the evidence. We bring them along with us and want them to be active participants in their care. Sometimes if things are difficult, we talk about the need to have courage and how we will support them. We talk to our patients about what we need to Discover what’s possible. Patients “get it”. They know that we are there to Care, Listen and Empower because we tell them and show them. Compliance and rebooking is not the same problem that it used to be.

Our admin staff follows the same process. They listen with interest and find out how they can empower, the patient to make an appointment. They let prospective patients know that they are there to be part of the solution and will find ways to reduce any barriers to attending appointments. Sometimes, they also need to have courage to ask the right questions. They work as a team with clinicians and patients to bring them together to help them to discover what’s possible.

Patients book or re-book because our values are not just words but actions. We say them and use them to guide us.

Have Courage and give it a go. You might be surprised?

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Dianna Howell Cert mgr MIML MAPA

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