What is your “no compromise”

I recently encountered an article that caught my attention. A new business has come to Canberra and they are using face-book as one of their marketing vehicles. After reading the article and the wide range of positive comments, I am thinking that if they are true to their vision and purpose, that they will not need to do a lot of advertising. Their exceptional focus on their customers will speak for itself, resulting in i people talking about them and increased business.

Jaeger and Claire Richmond, owners of Delish promise to deliver fresh produce from the farm to your door within 36 hours. Every order will be checked by a senior member of their team for freshness and accuracy before being sent.

Claire and Jaeger, talk of employing an expert in logistics to look at how they could improve the use of their newly expanded space. One of the recommendations, to reduce cost and improve efficiency was to circumvent the quality checking process.  Thereby skipping a step and taking the produce straight from the picker to the delivery truck.  They tell us, that they said “thanks but no thanks” to the efficiency guy. They went onto explain that this was their no compromise. A commitment to their customers to supply a quality product and thereby staying true to their mission and values.

Whilst reflecting on this article and Claire and Jaeger’s approach, I am wondering what is your “no compromise”?.

Some examples, that come to mind:

Not having an online booking system so that one of your talented admin team can spend time, talking to your potential customers, providing information and reassurance, in preparation for their first appointment. Followed up by a personalised email or text message?

Offering longer first appointments so that your valued clinical team can spend the time to listen, assess and to come up with a personalised plan for their clients?

Do you have a “no compromise” or even a few, that mirror your deeply held values in service to your clients? How might you be able to leverage off these as part of an overall marketing plan? (More discussion to come)



Dianna Howell Certmgr MIML MAPA

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