We all have stories to tell

Walking steadily to the crest of the hill, my breath is telling me that it is a bit of an effort. It’s not an easy climb coming up here. Looking down, I begin to see glimpses of my suburb below, shrouded in pockets of mist. Reaching the top, the mist clears and I admire the view before me. Below are the houses with their carefully tended gardens and dotted around are parks with ponds and children’s playgrounds. Towering  eucalypts provide shade and a home for cockatoos, magpies and galahs. All is pleasant and serene and framed by the magnificent blue mountains behind. But as I look more closely, I see that there are patches where the vista is not as orderly or soft on the eye. There are gardens which are untended and uncared for. Some lawns are strewn with every-day items that belong to the inhabitants of the houses. Not everything is neat and tidy. Not all is as perfect as at first sight.

I see the life-blood of my suburb, the beauty of orderliness mixed with imperfection. It mirrors my experiences as a health business owner in many ways. This expansive view spreading out before me is the beauty of my achievement, my fulfilment and success. But intermixed with this are places more barren, scattered weeds of failure. These are my struggles and the lessons that needed to be learned. They are the points on the journey where things could have gone better, and the times and people who were affected.

The mountains in the background forming the ambition of the original pursuit in stark contrast to the hill on which I stand, looking, appraising and reflecting on what has been a less than perfect but more than fulfilling journey to now.

Everyone has a journey, and we all have stories to tell about how we got to where we are. I’d like to tell you my story, and hear yours.

Come with me then, on this journey from then to now. Let us tell our stories and share the way together!

Dianna Howell CertMgr MIML MAPA

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