The Phone Call

You might be questioning whether all of the steps that we are taking to find your new clinical team member are absolutely necessary? Experience has told me that, hiring speedily because of desperation comes with significant risks and costs. You might be faced with having to repeat the process sooner than you would have wanted due to the person not working out and leaving. Or you may have to manage the new hire’s performance or worse they may be a poor fit for your team culture, contributing to low morale and productivity by existing staff.

You now have a resume outlining experience and a cover letter that tells you more about the personality of your candidate. Now send them an email, asking them to call you. You are looking for responsiveness. The ball is in their court.

Before you get them on the phone, have a few prepared questions. You are gathering information and getting a “feel” for the candidate. This will help you to determine whether it is worth your and their time progressing to interview.

Ask them:

  1. Tell me what attracted you to this position?
  2. Why are you leaving your current position?
  3. Check that they meet any particular criteria that you have indicated in your advertisement such as specific experience or expertise.
  4. Anything that might have been of interest or concern that came up in the resume or cover letter.

Listen for:

Sincerity, warmth, coherence.

If the information and “your gut” tells you that the person is worth interviewing- invite them in. If not, tell them so.

Dianna Howell Certmgr MIML MAPA

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