Giving and Receiving: Committee life

“Don’t go to that meeting, you might end up on the committee.“ The day that I attended my first APA meeting at the age of 28, these words were echoing in my head. I did not end up on the committee that night. But what I did experience was something that I do not even […]

Standing out. The How (and the Why).

In previous blogs, we have explored the rapidly growing number of job advertisements for physiotherapists across Australia. I have highlighted the problems associated with homogeneity on the Jobs4physios platform and the difficulty that poses for jobseekers.. I thought that it might be helpful to unpack this a little bit more for you. What follows is […]

“Beware the monster you create”

These are the words said to me by a previous employer on telling her that I was leaving to start my own business. These words have stayed with me for 25 years. They come to the fore when I am confronted with all of the things that making the day to day running of a […]