Embrace your guru

Guru : Definition: authority, expert, leader, master, pundit, torchbearer, teacher, mentor, tutor, guiding light. I was reading a post on linked-in with an attached infographic about “Back Facts” from the British Journal of Sports Medicine. As I followed the comments down, one caught my attention: “I would suggest stop being a “fan” who thinks that […]

Chasing Rainbows

I was talking to my practice manager yesterday. She was telling me about a TED talk that she had been watching on the topic of resilience. Lucy Hone talks about the process of flight and fight. She refers specifically to a cave-woman who had a sabre tooth tiger and a rainbow at her door. As […]

Giving and Receiving: Committee life

“Don’t go to that meeting, you might end up on the committee.“ The day that I attended my first APA meeting at the age of 28, these words were echoing in my head. I did not end up on the committee that night. But what I did experience was something that I do not even […]

Dear sir/ madam: The cover letter

Do you ask for a cover letter as well as a CV/resume in your job advertisement? If you do not, you are missing out on valuable and insightful information. Information that will help you to determine whether the applicant is the right fit for your job and your workplace. If you consider the CV alone, […]

Standing out. The How (and the Why).

In previous blogs, we have explored the rapidly growing number of job advertisements for physiotherapists across Australia. I have highlighted the problems associated with homogeneity on the Jobs4physios platform and the difficulty that poses for jobseekers.. I thought that it might be helpful to unpack this a little bit more for you. What follows is […]

Where have all the physios gone?

Viewed singularly the prediction that by 2022, Australia will have a 6,500 shortfall in the number of physiotherapists practicing in this country is alarming. But when it is examined alongside the increasing number of new graduates flooding the market and the professions attrition rate, the prediction of such a “yawning gap” is setting off warnings […]

Searching for someone? The who, the what and the why?

When it comes to hiring staff, you will often hear the mantra. Hire slow and fire fast. What does this mean when there is a limited number of quality clinical staff available to fill the ever growing number of positions available in private practices?  On the APA, jobs4physios page, there are more than 200 vacancies […]