Little Decisions

Hard times are never over, trouble always comesStill, I’m looking forward to tomorrow when it comes (Paul Kelly: Little decisions) About 3 months ago, we made the decision to close down one of our practices. Our vision was to have a presence in a growing area of the city where treatment options were limited. We […]

Difficult Conversations: Talking to insurers

When I think back on the most difficult conversations in my career, I reckon that those with insurers rate pretty highly. I have left many of these interactions feeling frustrated, because of a perceived lack of understanding about the needs of my client or judgment on my clinical skills to help manage an injured worker.But […]

The Iron Lady: Armoured leadership

The dropping of Brene Brown’s podcast on amoured leadership is timely. I have been reflecting on how my leadership style has changed over the years. Not a comfortable process. Dropping my “armour” has had the most profound impact on my professional and personal life. Let me set the scene. The 1980s were my formative […]