Sally’s Story: How perseverance and asking for help transformed her physiotherapy business.

Sally Webb

I am so fascinated by other’s stories about the challenges and successes of establishing and operating an allied health business. There is so much for us to learn from each other. I was very excited to come upon Sally’s story on linkedin this week. Her heartfelt and authentic blog outlined the struggles that she has had in establishing her practice in a rural community. Some of the struggle is unique to a being a female allied business owner and what happens with the decision to have a family and how this impacts on your dreams of being successful. Sally did what many of us have had to do, which is to compromise, adapt and manage the best way that we could but always keeping the goal in mind.

Sally started her practice with a purpose. She wanted to bring much needed health options to her rural community. Yes, she also wanted autonomy and financial security, but Sally tells us that came much later. Sally was persistent with her purpose being her anchor through those tough times when she wondered whether others thought that she would fail.

Sally talks about the stress and the well-known tension by allied health business owners between wanting to do good and balancing this with ensuring that you are making enough money so that you can run your business, and importantly attain reasonable reward for your personal financial, emotional, and physical contributions.

Of particular note, is that Sally recognised that she needed help. Sally sought help from many areas of her life but she was also willing to invest in assistance. There are a number of people around, who mentor allied health business owners to discover ways to run their businesses profitably. Sally talks about how this was a very good investment for her.

Finally, Sally talks about some of the other challenges of running her practice, including managing staff, through years of drought, and then Covid. A story of resilience.

There is so much joy for me, in reading Sally’s story and hearing how, she has been able to be true to her purpose, found fulfillment and success. Sally’s story is one of true leadership. You can read it here.

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