Come a mind-wandering with me

Before I went out for my walk in the brisk Hamilton sunshine today, I had started to work more solidly on my blog for this week. I wanted to talk about how burnt out everyone is feeling. I even have some statistics to back it up. But it was hard! Hard because the feeling that we do not have what it takes is complex. Hard because for me right now, it feels like I am immersing myself right into my own reality. Also hard because this writing vehicle that I have adopted is only in first gear and after 6 months of writing blogs, I am still finding my authentic voice and I keep feeling like the car is stalling. I need many more free neurons than are at my disposal right now, to write clearly about something so complex. Thank you for bearing with me by the way! So when I was out in the fresh air, I decided it was not the right time. This problem is not going to go away in a hurry and will continue to be exacerbated by the ever-present and looming reality of our Covid -world. We all need a break from it!

As I walked and my mind turned to the fact that this was not the right time and that it could wait. I realised that if I had not gone out for a walk, I would not have reached that conclusion. I would have continued to sit here and walked through mud or maybe like the undertow, walk forward just to get pulled back out again as I struggled to find the right words.

Then…Kapow….. my brain unleashed and I needed to come right home and write about Mind-wandering. The concept of mind-wandering was offered to me, this weekend by Lorimer Moseley. During his masterclass, he talked about the importance of giving yourself space and time to let your mind wander, away from devices, screens and other people. Just be. A form of mindfulness, I suspect.

I recall way back when I first started in business, I remarked to Donna, my business partner about how frustrated I was that during my evening walks, I could not switch my brain off. Her comment at the time, was, “Is there anything wrong with that? Had you thought about just sitting with it”. Such wisdom. There is indeed no problem with that. It is all okay and sometimes it is just what we need.

So why don’t you go a mind-wandering and see what it does for you? Perhaps a simple solution to part of a complex problem.

Dianna Howell Certmgr MIML MAPA June 2021

I dedicate this blog to Lorimer Moseley who continues to provide me with inspiration in so many ways- Thank you!

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