Chasing Rainbows

I was talking to my practice manager yesterday. She was telling me about a TED talk that she had been watching on the topic of resilience. Lucy Hone talks about the process of flight and fight. She refers specifically to a cave-woman who had a sabre tooth tiger and a rainbow at her door. As a matter of survival, it was important that she paid attention to the tiger. Our neuro-biology is set to protect us, to recognise threats. It has served us well from an evolutionary perspective. Today our threat response is dialed up, even without the tiger. We are tuned in and we are ready to respond, producing adrenalin and cortisol often becoming continually upregulated or “stressed”. A similar response to the one that I discuss in the monster you create and become.

As small business owners, we are often in daily contact with threats. Threats that create stress and anxiety. This comes with the territory. The days of Covid and lockdowns are an example of times when this process understandably ramps up.

For those of you, who work with people with persistent pain, like I do, this concept is no secret to you. Our neurobiology is our best protector and it will seek out danger, always working to keep us safe. In this case, keeping the pain messages amplified. We seek to teach our persistent pain patients to find safety and to have the courage to tame the beast, as Lorimer Moseley tells us in his youtube clip. . We help our patients to seek out the rainbows.

I am wondering if the tiger is often at your door? Is there a rainbow?

Stop and have a look, they are truly beautiful.

Here is the link to that You Tube video. It is really good! Enjoy!

Dianna Howell Certmgr MIML MAPA

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