The Right Stuff: Vale Gillian Gorick

Life seems to throw weird stuff at us sometimes. During my extended stay in the home of my birth, my senses have been overstimulated. Every smell, touch, taste, sound, and sight seems to evoke some long-forgotten memory sitting in the recesses of my grey matter. At times, I feel overwhelmed. I had an experience this […]

The Iron Lady: Armoured leadership

The dropping of Brene Brown’s podcast on amoured leadership is timely. I have been reflecting on how my leadership style has changed over the years. Not a comfortable process. Dropping my “armour” has had the most profound impact on my professional and personal life. Let me set the scene. The 1980s were my formative […]

Sally’s Story: How perseverance and asking for help transformed her physiotherapy business.

I am so fascinated by other’s stories about the challenges and successes of establishing and operating an allied health business. There is so much for us to learn from each other. I was very excited to come upon Sally’s story on linkedin this week. Her heartfelt and authentic blog outlined the struggles that she has […]