Having your cake and eating it too.

Have you ever stopped for a minute and thought to yourself: Why am I doing this? When I say “this”, I mean owning, running and building an allied health business. Do you have a personal goal? For many of us, that goal might be to work like crazy, build good referral sources, put in systems, […]

The arm wrestle: Purpose and Profit

Balancing running a health business and meeting the needs of your patients can be very tricky. Regardless of what you might read, financial considerations can certainly play a part in how willing your patients are to engage in your treatment plan. Depending on your client mix, there will be other factors out of your control. […]

Purpose begets Profit

Ask any recent graduate or experienced allied health professional why they do what they do, and almost without fault, the answer will be: “To help others”. It surprises me that so many allied health businesses do not have this purpose or one similar at the core of their practice. A purpose and a guiding set […]

Down the Rabbit Hole: A “busy” covid story.

I’ve been falling, falling, falling. Down, Down, Down. And I never realised how far I had fallen. Then everything was just feeling weird. I gradually realised that I had fallen so far down that I had lost myself. For the past seven weeks, I have existed in a cognitive tunnel. Trying to come to grips […]

WORTH: A twin towers leadership story

I often talk about how important it is for health business leaders to build relationships and trust with employees, clients and referrers. There are examples everywhere, not only in leadership literature but also all around us on social media platforms, podcasts, blogs and in popular culture. As the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks approached, […]

The Casketeers: Caring for the dead and the alive.

After a little hiatus from blogging, I am happy to be back. I am home from New Zealand after a 3-month stay. It is difficult to find a topic that is a bit lighter in these trickier times. As a dedication to my homeland, I thought that I would share a piece on a quirky […]

Little Decisions

Hard times are never over, trouble always comesStill, I’m looking forward to tomorrow when it comes (Paul Kelly: Little decisions) About 3 months ago, we made the decision to close down one of our practices. Our vision was to have a presence in a growing area of the city where treatment options were limited. We […]

It takes a village: The diversity of caring

Lady, Mum’s nurse originally from the Philppines For those of you following my blogs, you will know that I am ensconced in New Zealand, looking after my Mother. After almost three weeks of dictated bed rest and delays due to the fallout from the cyber-attack, a long weekend, and a nurse’s strike, Mum finally underwent […]

Want to improve your day? Thank your patients.

You will read a lot about the power of gratitude in leadership literature, blogs, and podcasts. Eric Mosely from Work-human talks about how important purpose, meaning, and gratitude are for the employee experience and workplace culture. We will come back to this topic in future blogs. I would like to take a totally different slant […]