Welcome to the Ovolo 888 Hotel: Happy Shiny People

What does the Ovolo Hotel 888 in Darling Harbour have in common with other hotels or even allied health businesses? The answer is “not much”, which is why I am writing about it. John (my husband) and I have stayed in many hotels over the years, and somewhat comfortingly, they are pretty much all the […]

I’m no expert- a reality check.

The reason I say this is because I am still learning- every day. I do not have all of the answers. I have experience. My experiences may or may not be like yours. I do not believe that anyone has the magic recipe to ensure that your health business will be successful and certainly cannot […]

Having your cake and eating it too.

Have you ever stopped for a minute and thought to yourself: Why am I doing this? When I say “this”, I mean owning, running and building an allied health business. Do you have a personal goal? For many of us, that goal might be to work like crazy, build good referral sources, put in systems, […]

The arm wrestle: Purpose and Profit

Balancing running a health business and meeting the needs of your patients can be very tricky. Regardless of what you might read, financial considerations can certainly play a part in how willing your patients are to engage in your treatment plan. Depending on your client mix, there will be other factors out of your control. […]

Purpose begets Profit

Ask any recent graduate or experienced allied health professional why they do what they do, and almost without fault, the answer will be: “To help others”. It surprises me that so many allied health businesses do not have this purpose or one similar at the core of their practice. A purpose and a guiding set […]

Putting all of your eggs into one basket

“We were so busy that I never had time to look for new referral sources or the capacity to take on any more work”. This was part of the conversation I recently had with one of my professional colleagues when we recently met for coffee. She had been having a tough time. Not only had […]

Stopping for gas: Working in the very important and urgent space (Being Busy)

Earlier this week, I was talking to an organisation about delivering a free PD session on up to date information about pain and the importance of everyone involved to be talking the same language. The crux of the conversation was about how we can work together to gain better outcomes for injured workers. The pitch […]

Down the Rabbit Hole: A “busy” covid story.

I’ve been falling, falling, falling. Down, Down, Down. And I never realised how far I had fallen. Then everything was just feeling weird. I gradually realised that I had fallen so far down that I had lost myself. For the past seven weeks, I have existed in a cognitive tunnel. Trying to come to grips […]

WORTH: A twin towers leadership story

I often talk about how important it is for health business leaders to build relationships and trust with employees, clients and referrers. There are examples everywhere, not only in leadership literature but also all around us on social media platforms, podcasts, blogs and in popular culture. As the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks approached, […]

Busy to Productive

There seems to be a preoccupation by health business owners on being busy. At the beginning of the year, I was giving a reference for a past employee. As the conversation progressed, the comment, “The expectation is that they will be very busy if they come to work for me”, came out of the blue. […]

“I am sorry, I cannot come in today”

Today, as I was mind-wandering and thinking about writing on my “Busy” theme, I started to think about Sundays’ past. Not just Sundays but many days over the years of owning a business. That call that every business owner knows well. It was always worse on a Sunday. I wonder if it is because it […]

When did “busy” become an emotion?

Definition of Busy: (Collins Dictionary) Adj: When you are busy, you are working hard or concentrating on a task, so that you are not free to do anything else. A busy time is a period of time during which you have a lot of things to do. Common Synonyms: Tied up. Example: I’m a little tied up with this new project. … Occupied. Example: She’s a bit […]

The Casketeers: Caring for the dead and the alive.

After a little hiatus from blogging, I am happy to be back. I am home from New Zealand after a 3-month stay. It is difficult to find a topic that is a bit lighter in these trickier times. As a dedication to my homeland, I thought that I would share a piece on a quirky […]

Little Decisions

Hard times are never over, trouble always comesStill, I’m looking forward to tomorrow when it comes (Paul Kelly: Little decisions) About 3 months ago, we made the decision to close down one of our practices. Our vision was to have a presence in a growing area of the city where treatment options were limited. We […]

It takes a village: The diversity of caring

Lady, Mum’s nurse originally from the Philppines For those of you following my blogs, you will know that I am ensconced in New Zealand, looking after my Mother. After almost three weeks of dictated bed rest and delays due to the fallout from the cyber-attack, a long weekend, and a nurse’s strike, Mum finally underwent […]

The Right Stuff: Vale Gillian Gorick

Life seems to throw weird stuff at us sometimes. During my extended stay in the home of my birth, my senses have been overstimulated. Every smell, touch, taste, sound, and sight seems to evoke some long-forgotten memory sitting in the recesses of my grey matter. At times, I feel overwhelmed. I had an experience this […]

Lessons in Listening

Today, I share a deeply personal story. Having come across the ditch to New Zealand about 6 weeks ago, to help my Mother navigate some health issues, I find myself still here. This story is still playing out. Everything in the time of Covid is more difficult with the ever-present possibility of a pause or […]

When the cat’s away…..

When I first started writing these blogs a few short months ago, I started with a metaphor for my professional life. I described a walk up a hill, reaching the top and reflecting on the view below. There were verdant valleys and looking harder, were areas, unkempt and weedy. Today, I look back on some […]

Want to improve your day? Thank your patients.

You will read a lot about the power of gratitude in leadership literature, blogs, and podcasts. Eric Mosely from Work-human talks about how important purpose, meaning, and gratitude are for the employee experience and workplace culture. We will come back to this topic in future blogs. I would like to take a totally different slant […]

Difficult Conversations: Talking to insurers

When I think back on the most difficult conversations in my career, I reckon that those with insurers rate pretty highly. I have left many of these interactions feeling frustrated, because of a perceived lack of understanding about the needs of my client or judgment on my clinical skills to help manage an injured worker.But […]

Helping an employee experiencing “life”

Much of my clinical practice, has been helping people with complex pain or health needs. I feel very comfortable managing clients coming to me for help. Little had I realised the considerable intersections between leadership and clinical skills. Each one of these skills is rooted in human behaviour and neuroscience. From my ongoing leadership study, […]

The resignation: Opportunities provided by an employee farewell

I don’t know how to tell you this, but……….I am leaving. The words that every health business owner dreads. Once upon a time, and perhaps seemingly not that long ago, employees seemed to be more “loyal” and stay for years. We need to get real! Our employees will leave. I have realised that it is […]

Adam Ashley- Cooper Syndrome: How an employee leaves the team matters.

I am writing this as I sit on the plane, jetting across the Tasman to visit my mother in New Zealand. I am looking forward to hugging my Mum, after 18 months of enforced separation due to Covid 19. I also recently realised that my beloved Brumbies will be playing in Hamilton during my stay. […]

White Noise: Is your team listening to you?

No? Yes? Not sure? When I was considering this age-old dilemma for business owners, I remember the frustration. I tried all kinds of strategies when my requests and impleading seemed to be falling on forever deaf ears. I tried mapping out the problem and writing cheat sheets, getting others to talk to the staff to […]

The Iron Lady: Armoured leadership

The dropping of Brene Brown’s podcast on amoured leadership is timely. https://brenebrown.com/podcast/brene-on-armored-versus-daring-leadership-part-1-of-2. I have been reflecting on how my leadership style has changed over the years. Not a comfortable process. Dropping my “armour” has had the most profound impact on my professional and personal life. Let me set the scene. The 1980s were my formative […]

Values in Recruitment: The Interview Part 2

As we explore the benefit of having organisational values in your health business, it is expedient to discover how they can be incorporated into your interview. Outlining your purpose and values in the advertisement and then extending this conversation into the interview will establish your intention and commitment as an employer and leader. Candidates are […]

What if Easter Bunny had no purpose?

A health business without a purpose is like Easter Bunny without a basket of chocolate eggs to hide for children at Eastertime. There is no reason to exist. If you define and articulate your purpose, you will give people a reason to believe in and follow you. Easter Bunny binds our society in a shared […]

Sally’s Story: How perseverance and asking for help transformed her physiotherapy business.

I am so fascinated by other’s stories about the challenges and successes of establishing and operating an allied health business. There is so much for us to learn from each other. I was very excited to come upon Sally’s story on linkedin this week. Her heartfelt and authentic blog outlined the struggles that she has […]

The clipboard crew and the BBQ factor: The Interview: Part 1

After 16 years of doing interviews, I am not sure that I yet know what the perfect interview looks like. After trialing a few different approaches, I have discovered some of the things that work for me At one stage, I thought that I would create an even playing field by asking each candidate exactly […]

Embrace your guru

Guru : Definition: authority, expert, leader, master, pundit, torchbearer, teacher, mentor, tutor, guiding light. I was reading a post on linked-in with an attached infographic about “Back Facts” from the British Journal of Sports Medicine. As I followed the comments down, one caught my attention: “I would suggest stop being a “fan” who thinks that […]

Chasing Rainbows

I was talking to my practice manager yesterday. She was telling me about a TED talk that she had been watching on the topic of resilience. Lucy Hone talks about the process of flight and fight. She refers specifically to a cave-woman who had a sabre tooth tiger and a rainbow at her door. As […]

Giving and Receiving: Committee life

“Don’t go to that meeting, you might end up on the committee.“ The day that I attended my first APA meeting at the age of 28, these words were echoing in my head. I did not end up on the committee that night. But what I did experience was something that I do not even […]

Dear sir/ madam: The cover letter

Do you ask for a cover letter as well as a CV/resume in your job advertisement? If you do not, you are missing out on valuable and insightful information. Information that will help you to determine whether the applicant is the right fit for your job and your workplace. If you consider the CV alone, […]

Standing out. The How (and the Why).

In previous blogs, we have explored the rapidly growing number of job advertisements for physiotherapists across Australia. I have highlighted the problems associated with homogeneity on the Jobs4physios platform and the difficulty that poses for jobseekers.. I thought that it might be helpful to unpack this a little bit more for you. What follows is […]

Where have all the physios gone?

Viewed singularly the prediction that by 2022, Australia will have a 6,500 shortfall in the number of physiotherapists practicing in this country is alarming. But when it is examined alongside the increasing number of new graduates flooding the market and the professions attrition rate, the prediction of such a “yawning gap” is setting off warnings […]

Searching for someone? The who, the what and the why?

When it comes to hiring staff, you will often hear the mantra. Hire slow and fire fast. What does this mean when there is a limited number of quality clinical staff available to fill the ever growing number of positions available in private practices?  On the APA, jobs4physios page, there are more than 200 vacancies […]

Balance versus Presence: A refresh

I wrote a blog several months ago when I was just starting out on my writing journey. In this piece, I share my experiences about the juggling and compromises that are required when running a business and caring for a young family. This could apply to any one of us due to situations that occur […]

Beware the monster, you become

The stress associated with the running of a health business can become all consuming. Sweating everything from the Big Stuff to the Small Stuff. When work and home life become consumed by this, we are on a trajectory to “burn-out”. The cycle of stress and anxiety permeates the throughout the business. Stress filters down the […]

ATLAS: The Beginning

One of the most notable events of 2021, was my discovery of Brene Brown. Since first listening to her Dare to Lead Podcast in the early part of the year, I have devoured her work. She speaks to me and my truth. Brene is down to earth, has a deep understanding both intuitively and through […]