Beware the monster, you become


The stress associated with the running of a health business can become all consuming. Sweating everything from the Big Stuff to the Small Stuff. When work and home life become consumed by this, we are on a trajectory to “burn-out”.

The cycle of stress and anxiety permeates the throughout the business. Stress filters down the chain- Why are patients not re-booking? Why are referrals down? Why? Why? Why?

The monster is growing horns.

You spend more time looking for reasons and mistakes; you micromanage your team.

The monster is growing sharp teeth.

Your interactions with your team are edgy. They are feeling the pressure to perform. You introduce KPIs to “lift” team performance.

The monster’s claws are growing sharper.

Your employees are feeling like commodities. They are finding it hard to please you, to meet your expectations. They told you at the interview that they became health professionals to “help people”. In the twenty minutes that they are spending with their clients, their focus is on getting them back for a return appointment, not on making a difference. There is no joy, no job satisfaction; no feeling of team; no purpose. The young professional that you employed resigns.

The cycle continues….

Your monster has escaped from the cage- Your monster is realised.

Perhaps it is time to look at what can be different?

Dianna Howell: January 2021

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