ATLAS: The Beginning

One of the most notable events of 2021, was my discovery of Brene Brown. Since first listening to her Dare to Lead Podcast in the early part of the year, I have devoured her work. She speaks to me and my truth. Brene is down to earth, has a deep understanding both intuitively and through her research of human emotions and behaviour. I love her because she calls “no bullshit” and will occasionally when appropriate say “fuck”. To me, Brene is the real deal.

Whilst there are many themes through her work, strength in vulnerability is fundamental. It is the authenticity that she brings that resonates for me. Through her work, Brene has introduced me to great thinkers, leaders and optimists. She has even introduced me to new music via Amy Cuddy (The Grateful Dead) and Lukas Nelson.

As I have been absorbing Brene’s work, I have been reflecting on my own experiences as a 57-year-old woman; a mother and wife; a friend and colleague; a mentor; a physiotherapist, and an allied health business owner. I have thought a lot about how different things might have been if I had a better understanding of myself and others in various situations. I feel more reflective and even a little wiser because of Brene’s work.

Whilst, a niggling part of me is concerned about Brene’s growing popularity and the pressure that seems to come with it for so many successful people. I only hope that she follows her own cues and looks after herself. Brene’s messages are important, no more so than right now when so many of us are seeking a rudder. I am a person who does not like to align with causes or belief systems however, I am unashamed to consider myself a disciple of Brene’s work. I can see how just thinking about things and behaving differently might change the world for many.

The one world that I know and understand much better than others, is the life of an Allied Health Business Owner and particularly a female one. With all of the demands that raising a family and growing a business brings Recently, Brene Brown released her book Atlas of the Heart. I have started reading it and as expected, it has realised a swell of thought and ideas within me. In 2022, I look to diving into this book and sharing her ideas from my personal viewpoint of a health business owner via my blogs and posts. I have no doubt that “Atlas” will disinter deep memories and experiences that have been long since buried. From digging them up and sharing them, I am sure that there will be lots of learning both for myself and my readers.

If you would like to follow along, I recommend that you grab a copy of Brene’s book. You can purchase it at any good book shop or on Amazon.

Let’s get started…….

Dianna Howell CMgr MIML MAPA (Jan 2022)

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